4 Square Overview

When we can organize our prospect’s story into a compelling narrative with all of the needed chapters, they are able to do exactly what they want to do…

Spend money on solutions that will solve their biggest problems.

Even the best storytellers in the world can get better… meaning… even the best sales professionals can get better at consistently getting and organizing this information so they can evoke a powerful emotional response from their prospects about the things that matter most to them.


Salespeople all around the world should be armed with the complete playbook on how to generate a high volume of high quality sales.

Gone are the days of having to trade one for the other. In this ground breaking book, we lay out the complete roadmap to becoming a top performing sales person who creates massive impact for all of the prospects you engage with.

Digital Sales Experience

Allow technology to dramatically improve the clarity your prospects have about the critical information needed for them to make a quick and effective decision of their business.

Increase communication and collaboration within their team to ensure everyone is aligned to that critical information to limit the resistance and objections of new stakeholders that enter your sales process.