CONGRATULATIONS! You’re an Order Taker!

You’re either new inyour career or new to the sales role.

You have looked at sales as potentially a new challenge to dive into.

And we commend you for that!


If you’re not fully committed to being successful in the role it’s probably due to the broader stigma surrounding sales. You potentially don’t see yourself as a “salesperson” and that is understandable.

The tension you feel in the sales process is the key insight for you. You assume that you either have to build a connection with a complete stranger or you have to manufacture urgency to ensure you hit quota consistently.

But this is due to the lack of innovation in sales technology and process. You can be exactly who you are and help prospects create the life & business altering change they desire. 

If you decide to go all in and follow the roadmap, you can become a Change Agent and become unbelievably fulfilled in this work.

Your Strengths


Blank Canvas

No bad habits to break or rebuild. Openness to the success path.

Your Opportunities


Understand that sales is really leadership, not task completion

Training & Development

Find a Change Agent mentor to create the playbook for success


Proven Process

Start following the execution proven to help you hit quota


I’m not sure if this is what I want to be doing. I wonder what other roles are available in the company.”

I need to focus on doing just enough to keep my job long enough to figure out my next move.”

My conversations will at least be enjoyable for the prospect since most don’t have any intention of buying.”

The ORDER TAKER’S Path Across


Order Takers lack passion and purpose as a whole for the role and function they play in the prospects’ experience.

They are often simply in the “wrong seat”. They don’t create clarity or introduce new ways of thinking. Customer outcomes, good and bad are completely determined by the prospect.

Typically they generate few sales that are all low quality.

But there’s a powerful opportunity every Order Taker has. You can oftentimes become a Change Agent faster than the Casual Sellers and Hustlers of the world because you are a blank canvas.

Bad habits don’t need to be reworked.

You can learn the right way to lead prospects to outcomes they wouldn’t normally be able to achieve. As you find yourself with the opportunity to find where you fit in the business landscape, this work is perhaps the most fulfilling and most rewarding of all.

Once you make the decision to give it your all and learn the proper way to engage in the sales process you will find you are most likely a Casual Seller and your path up and to the right to becoming a Change Agent begins.