Review 30 Calls in 30 Minutes

Call execution oversight has never been easier. 

Check mass Sales Forms to ensure your team is executing effectively. 

Because all of this information is shared with the prospect, you can be sure that the information summaries are correct and accurate. No more confusing CRM notes. 


Prospect Feedback

Capture the critical information you need straight from the prospect so you can easily perform a sales pipeline inspection. 

Are they talking to the decision maker, is this a high priority, is the prospect incapable of figuring it out on their own, and did they give a verbal commit at the end. 



The Best Management Support Solution

Effectively providing oversight to a sales team goes from nearly impossible or overly expensive to easy and affordable. 


Easy Oversight

Spot check dozens of calls in minutes. Use the critical information provided to steer rep execution. 


Improvement Opportunities

Quick opportunities for process improvement get reps executing effectively fast.

Consistent Accountability

Knowing there is daily oversight levers, reps execute more effectively,
more often. 

"I've NEVER had more confidence that my team is executing on our playbook."

– Chad Westbrook, CRO

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