CONGRATULATIONS! You’re a Hustler!

You want to make money and build the life of your dreams for yourself and those you love.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and we (along with those you love) commend you for it!


Your ability to help prospects see their problems and ability to solve those problems in new and different ways is a powerful catalyst for change.

But consider that your current approach to sales forces you to prioritize urgency and overly creative problem solving to hit quota.

This is a result of lacking technology innovation and effective process to support the sales experience.

Combine your natural strengths with powerful process and technology and there will be no limits to what you can help your market achieve. This is how you will flawlessly move into becoming a Change Agent.

Your Strengths


Incredible ability to help your prospects see the facts

Work Ethic

You’re willing to work harder than others to obtain the reward


You don’t have any fear around speaking the truth

Determination to Win

A willingness to do whatever is necessary to win someone’s business

Comfort w/ Conflict

You don’t shy away from uncomfortable situations

Connecting Problems

Ability to connect your prospects problems with your solution

Your Opportunities



Execute process that ID’s who really needs your help and who doesn’t

Problem Diagnose

Stop over-promising to compensate for “lack of” your solution’s benefits


Be careful not to allow logic to override prospect’s emotions


Sales is a numbers game and at the end of the day everyone I talk to is another step towards my goal.”

It’s my job to manufacture pain in the prospect so they have urgency to buy.”

Commission clawbacks are often because customer service can’t deliver on the solution I sold.”

I have to find a way to close every demo on my calendar.”  

When prospects don’t buy, it’s because they just don’t get it.”

The HUSTLER’S Path Across


    Hustlers are typically great at getting their prospects to think about their problems and their approach in new and different ways.

    It’s at the center of why their product and service is so great.

    It makes them look like the expert and they enjoy hearing the quiet insightful pauses of their prospect. If they dive into pain and goals, they will most certainly manufacture that pain and guide goals that align to their product and service being the answer.

    But their lack of desire to help the prospect get clear on what is actually occurring creates two problems.

    One, this lack of clarity causes the prospect to ask for irrelevant features that the Hustler often agrees to having. These miss set expectations lead to broken trust around things that  don’t really matter.

    Two, it creates second thoughts by the prospect after the sales conversation. These second thoughts either happen after they purchase which creates buyer’s remorse or they happen after the call is over and they have time to “think about it.” Hustlers approach the call this way to drive their outcomes. They want to put points on the board for the company and themselves.

    But this one-sided approach ultimately hurts their ability to help as many people as possible. Most prospects sense when a sales call is more about the rep’s outcome than their own and they lose trust in the process.

    To guide yourself into the Change Agent quadrant you must first realize more people will follow you to create effective change in their lives if they know you’ve got their best interests at the forefront. Instead of leveraging creative problem solving so they make the decision, ask yourself “what clarity can I help create for this person so they can be self-motivated to take the action needed?”