Strategic Optimization Board

Assess current progress across the five critical areas of your funnel. Identify obstacles and problems. Co-create solutions. Execute with excellence to maximize sales team production.

Sales operations start with strategic analysis of results and opportunities for improvement.

Our proven BLITZ Board process organizes the right people and accelerates department performance. 

Actionable-Data to Drive Improvement

Consistent and repeatable sales process allows your sales department to access never before seen data to drive sales rep performance and alignment between marketing, sales and service. 

Leverage real time data insights to drive sales rep training with clear benchmarks for expected performance improvement.



Sales Process




The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Provide more strategic support for your sales team with our weekly Blitz Board Process so they can consistently hit the goals your company gives them.

Performance Optimization

Identify the roadblocks based on data, co-create the solutions, and empower your team to execute and improve results.


Task Management

Clearly outline what work we need to do, why we need to do it, the desired results, and when it needs to be done to improve your teams ability to get work done.

Team Development

Identify areas of opportunity for the team as a whole as well as your individual reps and drive development 52 weeks a year to create a rockstar sales team.

"The strategic optimization process has been the key to us growing year over year with confidence that it will continue."

– Rudy Rodriguez, CEO

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