Whether you like it or not, your prospective buyers are most likely confused by the Seller Centric approach your sales team uses to talk about your product and pitch your stuff. 

Buyer Centric Selling is about making your prospects the star of the show so they ultimately know how your product and service will solve their biggest problems, causing them the most pain and keeping them from their desired outcomes. 

This process makes it easier for your prospects to buy from your company and can be executed by every sales rep on your team to drastically increase the overall revenue production from your sales department. 


About The Book

Do you think your prospects care more about your company and the products you offer or their problems and the pain those problems are causing?

They care more about themselves but our continued focus on making our company the star of the sales process and not them is the primary cause for the prospect confusion that is stifling their desire to buy from your company.

In this book, we will break down exactly what value your prospects are looking for in the sales process, how to deliver that value consistently, and how the emergence of Guided Selling technology is helping to create the most spectacular buyer-centric sales experiences delivered by companies just like yours. 




Salespeople all around the world should be armed with the complete playbook on how to generate a high volume of high quality sales. Gone are the days of having to trade one for the other. In this ground breaking book, we lay out the complete roadmap to becoming a top performing sales person who creates massive impact for all of the prospects you engage with.

About The Book

There is an irrefutable divide that exists between salespeople and prospects in today’s world. The role of sales is no longer trusted by the very markets they are supposed to serve.

The mere fact that this is such an obvious statement should be cause for massive concern.

This book is about confronting that divide and challenging the sales industry that has clearly lost its way.

How can companies create massive impact in the markets they dedicate themselves to when their very gatekeepers to entry are arguably the most untrusted people in their company?

How can salespeople consistently bring in high volumes of high-quality sales when they continue to engage in the same manipulative tactics day in and day out? How can we expect to recruit the best and brightest into the most important role in business when a stigma of poor ethics and lack of success have become the norm?

“What markets all around the world need and want from us is the critical help to solve their problems so their pain can be eliminated, reduced or avoided altogether.”

What’s inside


Death of the Sales Craft


The Invisible Lead Bucket


The 5 Myths of Sales


The 4 Quadrants of Sales


The Psychology of Sales


The 4 Square Sales Framework


and MORE

Chapter 1

Most salespeople are wasting enormous amounts of sales leads and opportunities. We all know how frustrating it is as sales leaders to miss goals yet again, with no other answer than “the leads are bad.”

The fact is, according to a CSO Insights study, only 52% of sales reps, on average, hit quota over the last two years. This is while we were in the midst of an economic boom. In fact, only 24.3% of reps exceeded quota in 2019. These numbers are sure to drop when we hit another recession.

There is no way to accurately measure the impact on department morale when almost HALF of all team members are not hitting goals. It’s a compounding problem with huge implications.                                        

This lack of success has been a major contributor to average rep tenure with companies. It has been cut in half from 3 years in 2010 to 1.5 years in 2019. When you factor in on-ramping and training time, the average rep spends only 14-15 months in full production mode before they start all over again with a new company… if they choose to stay in sales at all. It’s a vicious cycle.

It’s no wonder true salespeople are looking to get promoted or transition into business development and account management roles to get away from this stigma and lack of success.

This lack of support has led to a bigger and more dubious problem we currently face. In a role that should be helping prospects create positive change in their lives, the majority of salespeople are viewed as adversaries by the markets they serve. They are the person trying to get prospects to do something that isn’t in their best interest so they can get a bigger commission check.

In a 2019 Wayshak study, the most common words sales reps used to describe their average buyer’s perception of them were “pushy,” “untrustworthy,” “annoying,” and “greedy.” This is a HUGE reason why only 17.6% of sales people rate their job as outstanding.

Let’s stop and think about that. As salespeople, our prime motivation MUST be to serve the markets we care most about, solving the problems we are most passionate about. How can we fulfill this calling when the very people we are motivated to serve, do not fully trust us?

But my conclusion after nearly 15 years in this industry  is this very real stigma about sales reps has been created by flawed sales processes, bad recruiting and hiring practices and little to no strategic planning structures in sales departments.

Combine this with good people leaving the role far too often and the overall talent pool shrinking every year because of a worsening market perception of the sales position and you see a craft starving and on life support. The craft of sales is dying right before our very eyes. It has become a breeding ground for mediocrity and it is creating a subtle, yet catastrophic impact for salespeople, prospects and businesses around the globe. 

Too many great products and services with an amazing opportunity to create real change in the markets they serve are floundering, losing ground, and eventually settling into mediocrity or dying all together because of this problem.

Whether you’re a CEO, sales leader or a sales rep, we have a lot of work to do. When less than 20% of sales reps love their work, it is no wonder the industry at large gets a bad wrap. It is time for us to establish the new rules of the game, and take back our craft… A craft in desperate need of a revival.



No fluff. Just a straightforward roadmap addressing the keys to prospect psychology that allow us to help them solve their biggest problems. This repeatable sales process is the missing link to long-term sustainable success for your entire sales team.

My only hesitation in leaving a review is that I don’t want others in our field to copy what we are doing with the framework and ideas in this book. It’s that powerful.”


About the authorS.

David Bonney has been focused on sales execution and process for 15 years. That focus has spanned the entire Revenue Operations Lifecycle and has allowed him to create a powerful yet unique sales method that results in complete continuity from the prospect journey into the customer lifecycle.

This has been the secret to not just higher sales conversion, but higher customer lifetime value, as new customers are more excited to start and aligned to the realistic outcomes they can expect. 

David has combined this powerful sales process with his Sales Operations expertise to help companies all around the globe scale their revenue production faster than ever thought possible. 

David lives in Nashville Tennessee with his beautiful wife and two daughters where great people, great food, and great times are the cultural order of the day.

David Bonney

Mike Oppedahl is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully built and scaled several businesses in varying industries. Be believes the recipe for scale is largely the same no matter the vertical.

In his latest venture, Mike stepped into pioneering a whole new way to deliver Org-wide Consulting via a SaaS technology platform, specifically focusing on the psychology of leadership. 

His intense focus on the hardwiring of different personalities has been adapted into the sales industry for some of the most powerful content anyone has ever seen on the topic.

He lives in Southwest Florida with his beautiful wife and four children under 12yrs old where the beach is a regular family outing along with sports for the entire family.

Mike Oppedahl


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